The Game of Life - Album

Meditations on life (CD)

Author: Tijn & Binkie Touber | Language: English

Tijn and Binkie Touber wrote and recorded an album with songs about the themes from the Game of Life.

Just by sitting back and closing your eyes, you automatically experience your awareness opening up. You easily step out of your busy mind into the stillness and peace of your original nature. From this silence the songs will help you open your heart and embrace whatever emotions are there. This creates even more silence and space inside, and opens you up to listening to the Voice of Life to help you find your life’s purpose. From there we take you beyond the stars to your original home of light, experiencing freedom and heavenly bliss. Of course we bring you back to planet Earth before leaving the building, refreshed, rejuvenated and with a deeper sense of understanding yourself and the Game of Life you are playing in.

Tijn Touber - sings, plays guitar and keyboards
Binkie Touber - sings, plays hangdrum, flutes, harmonica and other instruments
Peter Sambros - plays bass
Hanne van de Vrie - sings, plays piano, flutes and hangdrum